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Thermodynamics: Crash Course Physics #23

Have you ever heard of a Perpetual Motion Machine? More to the point, have you ever heard of why Perpetual Motion Machines are impossible? One of the reasons is because of the first law of thermodynamics! In this episode of Crash Course Physics, Shini talks to us about Thermodynamics and Entropy. Also, we learn about Isovolumetric, Isobaric, Isothermal, and Adiabatic processes. It'll all make sense in a minute!

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The Laws of Thermodynamics, Entropy, and Gibbs Free Energy

We've all heard of the Laws of Thermodynamics, but what are they really? What the heck is entropy and what does it mean for the fate of the universe? How does soap work?! So many questions answered in this clip! Enjoy!

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First Law of Thermodynamics, Basic Introduction - Internal Energy, Heat and Work - Chemistry

This chemistry video tutorial provides a basic introduction into the first law of thermodynamics. It shows the relationship between internal energy, heat, and work. It discusses the difference between the system and surroundings and distinguishes an open system from a closed system and an isolated system. In chemistry, work is positive whenever work is done on the system and work is negative whenever work is done by the system. During an exothermic process, heat flows out of the system and it flows into the system during an endothermic process.

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